Grade 1 parents: participate in our pilot!

Fight the Summer Reading Slide!

Calling all parents of young readers! We are looking for a small number of families to participate in an innovate technology pilot program aimed at helping kids fight the summer reading slide. Summer is the ideal time for your child to get a different kind of education. It is time for playgrounds, pools, tennis and soccer camps, weekends at the lake and campgrounds and just plain fun. But the summer reading slide is real, and while a little slip is okay, for an emerging reader the absence of school can dramatically set  back the reading skills that they have worked so hard on throughout the year.

The Opportunity

We are currently recruiting up to 8 families to participate in an experimental pilot program over the summer weeks. The children will read online with an experienced elementary school teacher twice a week. We are seeking children entering Gr.2 in the fall and who are average to below average readers and would greatly benefit from a summer reading program. All you need is an Apple iPad 2 or higher and reliable internet service.

The commitment

Sounds great, but what’s the catch? It’s a win-win. There is NO COST to you, we just need your commitment and feedback. Specifically, we are asking for:

  • 30 minutes a week - Complete two weekly 10-15 minute sessions for at least 7 weeks over the 9 week summer period (July 3rd - Sept 1st). This can be done from any location, as long as you have an Apple iPad 2 or higher and reliable internet service.

  • Keep a schedule - Sessions are to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time with your child and their teacher.

  • Feedback on all sessions - we would love to learn how it is working for you! We ask for:

    • 5 min post sessions survey to completed after each session via email or voice recording

    • 10 min videotaping of sessions (3 times - first, mid and end)

    • 30 min In person interviews (3 times first, mid and end)


Interested?  We would love to chat with you more!