Summer Reading Pilot: Attendance & Cancellation Policy

While there is no cost to the families to participate in the pilot, there is a cost to running each session. In order to run sessions smoothly and with optimal success we ask for each family to adhere to the following attendance and cancellation policy:

  • Please make a best effort to find a mutually convenient time to schedule your two sessions per week with your teacher

  • Your teacher will call you through the Storytime app at the scheduled session time. Please have your iPad charged and ready 5 minutes before your session time.

  • Please show up on time. Sessions will not run longer than 15 minutes and our teachers need that full session period to work with your child.

  • If your teacher cannot reach you, she will try again after 2 minutes.

  • If you do not connect with your teacher within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, this will considered a missed session (“no show”) and cannot be rescheduled for the week.

  • If your child misses more than 3 sessions due to a “no show”, you may be removed from the pilot.

  • We understand things come up so If you do need to reschedule, please do so directly with your teacher at least 24 hours in advance. She will do her best to reschedule that week if mutually availability.

We thank you for your efforts in practicing consistent and punctual attendance over this program!