Top 5 Questions to Ask Kids About....YouTube Kids!

If you have ever watched a child play with an iPad, chances are you’ve seen them open up youtube to watch videos. Kids love searching everything from animals, their favorite tv shows and toy unboxings (more on that here)!

The downside of regular YouTube is that your kids have access to anything. Unless you are watching your kids every second they are playing on the iPad, there is a chance they could come across something you are less than thrilled for them to see.

Whats the solution to that problem? YouTube Kids! An app that only shows kid friendly videos, along with easier navigation, bigger buttons and instant full screen. To make parents even more comfortable, parents can access settings to further control the content their kids can see!

With four of the five most popular youtube channels targeted at children, we know our kids love it!

So what are kids watching on YouTube anyway? Lets ask our kids to share with us what they love!

1)   What is your favorite thing to search for on YouTube? (I know for my little cousins ages 5, 4, 3 and 2 they LOVE searching The Wiggles videos!)

2)    Have you ever watched an unboxing video?  (The most popular channel is called ‘FunToyzCollector’ – get your kids to watch some and you can discuss the different toys!

3)   Do you listen to songs and nursery rhymes on YouTube? (The second most popular channel is called ‘Little Baby Bum’, filled with amazing songs and nursery rhymes. Watch these together!)

4)   What is the funniest video you have watched on YouTube?

5)   Have you ever made a video at home? What was it about? (If not, would you like to?)