Top 5 Questions to Ask Kids about MINIONS!

Hi everyone! Alexa here - and I'm back with my 'Top 5 Questions!' 

Keep these questions in your back pocket for next time you want to make a meaningful connection with a chid in your life, but just don't know what to talk about! 

The movie 'Minions' comes out this summer, so get refreshed on the subject now, and make a date to go see the movie with the kiddies in your life!

OK, So what exactly is a Minion? 

Minions are small adorable yellow creatures that were first introduced to the world in the hit movie Despicable Me, followed by Despicable Me 2 and now the latest self-titled movie Minions coming this Summer. They cause a lot of funny trouble but steal everyone’s hearts in the process!!

Now, 5 questions to get kids talking!

1) Can you tell me what a Minion is? 

Now that YOU know, see how a child describes them! 

2) What language do the Minions speak? What does it sound like?

Get the kids in your life to imitate how the Minions sound!

Answer: The Minions actually speak their own language called Minionese. It is a funny sounding gibberish language that kids have grown to love! Fun fact: ‘Bi-do’ means ‘I’m sorry’ in Minionese.

3) Who is the leader of the Minions? Is he bad or good?

Gru is the leader of the Minions. (Fun fact: Gru knows EVERY Minion by name…there are several hundred of them!) At first Gru is a villain, but later we discover he is misunderstood and loves the Minions!

4) How many eyes do Minions have? 

Trick question! Some have 1 eye where others have 2! There is even one special Minion with 2 different colored eyes (Bob)!

5) Can you name 3 Minions? Let’s think of some funny and unique names for Minions!

There are 3 main Minions that we are introduced to in Despicable Me, and that will be starring in the Minions movie: Kevin, Stuart and Bob! There are lots of Minions who do not have names, so have some fun and make up some names!

That's all for this weeks top 5! Let me know how this conversation went in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 

Happy Chatting!