Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Kids About...SOFIA THE FIRST!

The first little girl princess has arrived from Disney and your kids are sure to go bananas over her! Sofia is a young, ordinary girl who's life changes overnight. When Sofia's mom marries the King, she instantly becomes a princess! 

The TV show follows Sofia's transition into a life of royalty. The best part? There are many cameos from our favorite Disney princesses such as Ariel, Belle and Jasmine, who all help Sofia with her transition into a royal family! Of course, it wouldn't be a Disney movie without a lesson. Sofia learns that it isn't titles that matter, but your character is all that really counts! 


Let's get talking with our kids and see what they have to say about Sofia the First! 


1) Who is your favorite Disney princess? 

2) Would you like to be a princess (or prince)? What would you do all day? 

3) What is Sofia's special power? (Sofia can speak to animals!)

4) If animals could talk, what do you think they would say? 

5) Sofia LOVES the outdoors! What is your favorite activity to do outside? 


Well folks, thats it for this weeks Top 5! I hope the kids in your life enjoyed this activity and you started some fun conversation! For more fun Sofia the first activities click here