Top 5 Questions to Ask Kids about Shopkins!

Once you shop…you can’t stop!

That is the tag line for the latest kids craze: Shopkins.

I could see myself getting into these toys as a child. I loved to pretend grocery shop and I loved all things mini! Shopkins is a line of grocery themed toys that are all super cute and super tiny! Kids have been going absolutely bananas over these toys, with over six million Shopkins sold within the first four months (you read that right)! Parents have been scouring the aisles of toy stores everywhere to get their hands on the latest character to add to their child’s collection. With 148 characters to collect – that is no easy task!

To make things more interesting, in every package you get 10 little Shopkins that you can see, and 2 secret characters hidden inside the grocery cart. You won’t know which characters you get until you open the package! Can you feel how excited this makes me? So much fun!

 P.S. Every Shopkins character has its own name and personality profile on the Shopkins website. Think names like Carrie Carrot Cake and Marsha Mellow…too cute! 

 Lets move onto the kiddos. Here is this weeks...

 Top 5 Questions to Ask Kids about SHOPKINS!!

1)   Who is your favorite Shopkins character? (describe what it looks like!)

2)   If you could be any Shopkins character which one would you be and why?

3)   How many Shopkins do you have? (Name them all if you can!)

4)   Do you like grocery shopping with your mom or dad? (tell me what your favorite part is!)

5)   What was the best ‘surprise’ Shopkin you ever got in your pack?

Are the children in your life into Shopkins? Let us know in the comments or on social media. Happy chatting!