Will Children Ever Read Again?

I have my wonderful, amazing, beautiful 86-year-old Grandmother staying with us this week. My grandmother (hi Baba!) is about as tech-savvy as they get – she’s active on Facebook, a huge supporter of Kindoma, and often stays up until midnight playing bridge online

Last night, as my niece (7) and daughter (5) tapped away on their iPads, my Grandmother asked – without judgment, but with honest curiosity - do you think children are still going to read?

My answer:  

What makes you think they’re not reading right now?

In USA today this week, Kid-tech columnist Jinny Gudmundsen talks about the growing trend of children’s library Apps. She highlights Reading Rainbow, who shattered Kickstarter records last year when they raised over 6.4 million in a crowdfunding campaign in just 35 days.

As I explained to my grandmother, not only are kids reading, but digital experiences give them access to content and reading experiences previously unimaginable! Gudmundsen shares her list of the best children’s library Apps, and Kindoma was thrilled to be included – talk about being in good company!

So, the next time someone asks you if children are still going to read, it would be fair to say YES! Just because they are reading on an iPad, it doesn’t mean they aren’t reading.  As Gudmundsen says, “a library app is a great way to have access to hundreds of books. With these apps, your kids will never be without a good book to read (or have read to them).”

Happy reading!

*Kindoma won the Best Pick App Award for exceptional design of a children's app from Tech With Kids!! Here is what they had to say about us:

"The concept behind this app is sheer brilliance; each of the two participating readers can see the other touching the screen, so the adult can ask the child to find things on the pages of the book; or the adult can point to items or words as they read together, thus allowing for fun interchanges involving questions and answers." See more here.