Top 5 Questions to Ask a Rainbow Loom-er!

Hi Kindoma community! I’m back with your Top 5 Questions, and this week I am super exited to talk about Rainbow Loom!

Have you seen your tots running around with beautiful colored bracelets piled halfway up their arms? Chances are these creations we made using the extremely popular Rainbow Loom! The Rainbow Loom is a toy that turns small colorful elastics into jewellery. In 2014 Rainbow Loom won the Toy of the Year award (TOTY) and continues to grow in popularity! It takes a lot of practice, and there are endless combinations and patterns to be made!

Lets find out more from our loved ones. Have they made any Rainbow Loom creations?

1)   What is your favorite creation you have made on your Rainbow Loom?

(Ask them to show it to you!)

2)   Do you ever watch videos with Mom and Dad to figure out how to make new designs?

3)   Do you make patterns when you make your jewellery?

(Now is a great time to talk about the different types of patterns: AABB, ABCCABCC, etc)

4)   Have you ever made a friendship bracelet?

(If not, talk about who they would make a bracelet for. It’s a great way to learn about the friends in their lives!)

5)   Can you teach me how to use the Rainbow Loom?

(Now that you have gotten them all excited about it, use this as an opportunity to have the children in your lives teach YOU something! They will feel super accomplished being about to teach you something you don’t already know, and it’s a great way to spend quality time together. If you’re long-distance, no problem! Have them show you over video chat!!)


I hope this helps to connect you to the kids in your life. You have been warned – the future may involve an abundance of colorful, stretchy bracelets!!!!!