Summer read'n, had me a blast

With a 6-year-old emerging reader under my own roof, this is the first year I’ve personally had to think about our families’ approach to the Summer Reading Slump. A well-documented phenomena demonstrating how over the summer, children can lose some of the hard fought gains they've made during the school year.

For more detail, check out this great article written last week by a Purdue University Professor in the College of Education: Fight Children's Summer Slump with Fun Reading.

The Cole’s Notes: summer reading should be less about developing the skill of reading and more about developing a love of reading.

There are lots of ways to keep kids reading during the summer, ranging from non-traditional selections such as comic-books to having book themes based on your kids’ interests.

I love this list from Red Apple Reading, especially the book scavenger hunt!

Kindoma Storytime, which allows young children and their loved ones to read together over video chat, is the perfect way to shake up your typical reading routine. Last night one of our users sent me this great video of her 14 year old neice in Vancouver reading to her 6 year old daughter in Winnipeg. That’s a win on both sides!

So moms and dads here's my advice—don’t stress about summer reading. Just be mindful of it. Keep things light, fun, and differentiated from the school year.

Call grandma and have her read aloud with your young child. Take a moment to relax yourself with a glass of wine! How’s that for stress-free summer reading!?

Anyway, happy summer, happy reading, and we hope you will consider Kindoma Storytime a part of your families’ summer reading routine.

Please stay in touch. We have some big news coming in the fall!