Welcome Alexa to the Kindoma Family!

We are thrilled to welcome Alexa Solomon to the Kindoma Team! Alexa is a recent graduate of the amazing marketing program at Ryerson, and has spent time working at both Etsy and eLUXE.

Alexa will be managing our social media, so if there are tweets you want tweeted, posts you want posted, or blogs you want written, she's your lady.

At Kindoma, we believe that talking to family makes kids happier and smarter. Alexa is the only member of our team who doesn't have young children (although she insists that her dog Duke counts), BUT she does have 4 young cousins under the age of 5 who live in different cities. So, as she knows all too well, it can be hard to find something to talk about with young children when you don't live in the house with them. Though you love them deeply, you likely haven't watched their favorite show, played with their favorite toy, read their favorite book, or listened to their favorite song ... again, and again, and again.

SO, to help you out, Alexa will be writing a column with specific questions to talk about related to something that is HOT in the kids world. This weekly top 5 will give grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other eager family members 5 questions that will help them strike a conversation with your kids, whether in person, on the phone, or over videochat. 

Keep an eye out for her first post, as it's gonna be a good one! If there's a little one in your life who is obsessed with Elsa and Anna, yet you still think Anna rhymes with Banana (tip, it rhymes with Sauna), watch for her first post "5 Questions to ask a child who's obsessed with ... Frozen".

Please feel free to reach out with suggestions, questions, comments, or a warm hello at alexa@kindoma.com.