Top 5 Questions to Ask a Minecraft Enthusiast!

Minecraft is truly a cultural phenomenon. Accoridng to Forbes, the word “Minecraft” is Googled more often than the Bible, Harry Potter and Justin Bieber. This video game was not originally targeted towards children, yet most children 6 years and up have played it or at least heard about it!

So what exactly is it? My short recap for you: 

A game of survival. You must build shelter using natural resources around you in this virtual world. There are other 'worlds' (ask the kids to elaborate), lots of bad guys, and tons of surprise elements that get discovered as you play.

So why do the kids in our lives love it so much? Could it be the element of exploration and craft? The minimal rules and instruction? It’s similarity to Lego? Every child loves it for different reasons. Lets connect with the children in our lives and listen to what they think about Minecraft!


1) How did you learn to play Minecraft? Did someone teach you, or did you figure it out all on your own?


2) What does your character look like in mine craft? Does s/he look like you?


3) What was one of the hardest problems you came across when playing Minecraft? How did you solve it?


4) Have you ever built something in Minecraft that you then tried to build in real life? How did it turn out?


5) What is your favorite part of the game? 


As usual, I want to hear how this conversation went! Let everyone know what you found out about Minecraft from the kids in your life.

Any requests for future blogs, just let me know!