Top 5 Questions to Ask Kids About Magna-Tiles!

A children’s toy where the slogan is: “Where math, science and creativity meet”.


Sounds like a parents dream to me! What could be better then a toy that’s educational and children LOVE?


Magna tiles were created by a math teacher in order to teach children about shapes through play! With Magna Tiles you can create 3D shapes, make flat patterns and develop fine motor skills. The magnets on these tiles are super strong, so you and your kids can make some pretty amazing structures!


Winning titles such as best education product and toy of the year, it’s easy to see why this toy is so popular. There are tons of resources online for activities your kids can do with Magna Tiles specific to age or grade level too!


If your kids don’t already have this toy, this is one to put on the list!


Now, for this weeks five questions…


1)   What is your favorite shape to make with Magna Tiles?

2)   Ask your kids to find the shapes of these tiles. Can you find an equilateral triangle? A small square? A right triangle?

3)   Have you ever tried putting a light under the tiles? (this is really neat, and has a stained glass effect)

4)   What was the biggest structure you ever built? How long did it take you?

5)   Have you found anything else magnetic in your house that the tiles can stick to?