And the research says...Grandparents ROCK!

Don’t you love it when something we already know is confirmed by valid research?

For those of us lucky enough to grow up with a beloved grandparent, or to have involved grandparents for our own children, we know that the grandparent-grandchild relationship is a unique.

Without the daily pressures of parenting, grandparents often experience pleasure and bring a sense of lightness and humor to things that stress us parents out!

However the impact of this relationship has never been proven ... until now. A recent study from Bringham Young University proves just how grandparent involvement is good for kids. Lead author Jeremy Yorgason set out to see how grandparents matter to children. He asked over 400 fifth graders questions about their relationship with their grandparents - the questions were followed up a year later.

The results found that when grandparents are involved in their grandchildren’s lives, kids are:

•       More social

•       More engaged in school.

•       More likely to develop pro-social skills such as care, compassion and kindness.

•       More able to think outside of themselves.


Interestingly, grandparents who do not live with their grandkids were found to have the strongest bond. As the study notes, this may be because “non-resident grandparents take on a role that encourages positive development rather than disciplining negative behavior.”

At Kindoma, we think a lot about non-resident grandparents, and how we can help them foster connections with their grandkids, whether around the corner or around the world. Video calls are awesome, but can sometimes be frustrating - big red hang up buttons, kids being out of screen, and erratic attention spans tend to be distracting. A thoughtful video call experience can bring the focus back to the relationship rather than the technology. A relationship that we now KNOW makes our kids happier and healthier.

So whether in person or at a distance, whether on Kindoma or over Skype, it's healthy to foster grandparent-grandchild relationships. And for grandparents, the message that you can make a difference in a grandchild's life should make you feel great. Although you already knew that!