Have a good first day, Drawtime!

Last week had plenty of milestones. As did many children around the world, my kids started school. My daughter had her first day of kindergarten and my son had his very first day of nursery school.

When the week began, I didn’t know that Kindoma was going to have a big week as well. But in fact, our little company had a pretty serious milestone all of it’s own. Our new app, Drawtime, was selected by Apple as one of the best new Apps on the same day that they launched iOS9, and also featured in the main carousel in the Kids Category ... on its first day out of the gate!

We created Drawtime based on our personal experiences as parents, and based on what our users asked us for. As a company, we aim to bring families separated by distance together using technology. Drawtime is the first of it’s kind, allowing children and their loved ones to draw together over video calls. Imagine being able to do anything you can with a pen and a piece of paper – be it draw a picture, practice letters and math, or play tic-tac-toe – even from 10,000 miles away. This App is a game changer for grandparents, divorced families, or parents like me who travel for work.

As an entrepreneur, in many ways, launching your App feels a lot like sending your young child off to his first day of school. You are so excited for him, but also so nervous. Until now he’s been with you, or people that you know will tell you if he’s had a good day or bad.

And then the day comes to send him off. You take a deep breath and send him out with butterflies in your stomach.

Drawtime is still in it's early days. Only through your feedback can this product reach its potential. We made the decision to let our users be our guide. Want more colors? Tell us. Stickers? Tell us. Coloring books? You get the point. My daughter has already requested that we move “pink” to the top of our roadmap. Why I have a 5 year old that knows the term ‘roadmap’ is another story.

Most importantly, something not working well ... please ... please ... tell us! My personal email is carly@kindoma.com. Feel free to reach out at any time with thoughts, suggestions, complaints, or just to say hi!