Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Kids About Doc McStuffins!

“The Doc is in and she'll fix you up. If you’re a toy then you’re in luck!”

(from the Doc McStuffins theme song).


This week I’m going to talk about a TV show that is very popular with many Kindoma families – Doc McStuffins!


Doc McStuffins (or ‘Dottie’) is a 6-year-old girl who is the go-to doctor for stuffed animals and toys in need. Dottie has a magic ability – when she puts on her stethoscope, all the stuffed animals, toys and dolls come to life! Isn’t this every child’s dream? Kids quickly fall in love with Dottie and her stuffed animal medical assistants: Stuffy the dragon, Lambie the lamb and Hallie the hippo.


There’s no denying this show is absolutely adorable with its catchy songs, and lovable toys. But, my favorite part is how it makes the act of going to the doctor seem a lot less scary. As a child I was TERRIFIED of the doctor. I vividly remember screaming fits, sleepless nights, and asking “but what if she gives me a needle?” until I was blue in the face!  I can’t help but think if there was a show like Doc McStuffins that made the doctor seem fun and safe, that it may have eased a little bit of that fear!


Now for this weeks Top 5 Questions…


1)   Who is your favorite toy in Doc McStuffins? Why?


2)   Have any of your toys ever gotten hurt? What did you do to help them?


3)   Would you like to be a doctor like Dottie? What do you want to be when you grow up?


4)   How do you think Dottie learned how to be a toy doctor?


5)   If you could have any magic power, what would it be?


Does the child in your life watch Doc McStuffins? Did they have fun answering these questions? We’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below, on social media or email me:


Until next time…happy chatting!