Kindoma Storytime Now Available on iPad


Starting today, families who live apart can connect and read stories together using Kindoma Storytime. Our free iPad app, available in the iTunes store, combines real-time video chat and ebooks to structure long-distance interactions. In Kindoma’s communication hub for families, both sides see the same view of the book library and anyone can select a book to read. Turning the page of the book on one side is instantly reflected on the other side. And when a reader points to something on the page, a shadow hand will appear on the other end. Families with young children who struggle to keep in touch, now can read books together and share personal stories.

How can this help families?

Today, roughly half of 65M grandparents in the US live more than 200 miles away from their grandchildren, and families are struggling to keep in touch. Phone conversations are too awkward for children. Videochat is better, but still oriented towards conversation. Children don’t want chitchat; they want to play! Kindoma is reimagining inter-generational communication to be more playful, educational, and meaningful. Unlike other social networks like Facebook, Kindoma is designed to support the needs of families first. Great books give families something to talk about, and keep children engaged. Research shows that children learn more when they use educational media with adults in their life. Children also learn more when they talk about a book while reading together. Kindoma promotes the synergies between children’s learning and family communication.

Library View
Library View

Our Library: Back to the Basics

Kindoma’s initial library consists of books aimed at children aged 2-7. In addition to books from two partner publishers, Cherry Tree Media and Twin Sisters Productions, we offer books from independent authors and well known public domain books with new illustrations. The books in the library are selected for their timeless appeal and the ability to encourage a conversation and stimulate young minds. Rather than offering a rich set of interactive features, in Kindoma we help you, the reader, bring the book to life.

The Future

Our goal is to help families connect and spend time together, no matter where they are. Look for Kindoma to support a wider range of devices in future versions. Let us know what devices you would like to use.

Also, we know how important good content is to making the reading sessions great. We will be continually evolving and improving our selection of books. Keep checking our iPad app for new books.

Your feedback is very important to us. Let us know how we can make Kindoma Storytime better for you!

Download from iTunes here.