We're looking for analytics experts

Kindoma is a startup that creates video calling apps for young children and their loved ones. We are looking for someone with deep expertise in app analytics to help us develop and implement a robust analytics plan for our suite of apps. Specifically, you will be responsible for:

  • Developing an analytics plan
  • Ensuring all analytics are COPPA compliant
  • Choosing the analytics platform(s)
  • Setting us up in the platform(s)
  • Creating analytics reports

Experience with the following tools is a plus:

  • mixpanel
  • mongodb
  • python
  • tornado
  • iPython Notebook

We are a small, well-funded startup based in Palo Alto and Winnipeg, Canada, and are flexible about location. This is a short-term consulting contract with the potential to turn into something longer term.

Interested? Shoot us an email: carly@kindoma.com