Introducing Story Bug, our first “powered by Kindoma” app!

We are thrilled to introduce the very first “powered by Kindoma” app with our wonderful partners at Cricket Media. The new app, Story Bug, features Cricket's beloved children's publications, and is powered by Kindoma’s award-winning remote reading technology. Users of the Story Bug app see and hear each other via video chat while viewing the same digital book. A "shadow hand" shows where your counterpart is pointing, so grown-ups can challenge their young readers to point to items on the page, and children can ask questions about what they see and hear.

At Kindoma, we all personally remember reading Cricket’s magazines when we were kids. When we first partnered with the educational media company to get their content up on Storytime, it quickly became clear that we both shared a deep value for enabling and encouraging young children and their loved ones to connect around quality educational content.

This deepened partnership combines archives of Cricket’s high-quality educational content with our innovative shared reading technology to help children and their loved ones share the experience of reading educational content, whether they are cuddled together on a couch, across the town, or around the world.

Story Bug is the second product in Kindoma’s evolving ecosystem of communications apps developed specifically for young children and their loved ones.

The Story Bug App is available for free from the App Store on the iPhone or iPad.

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