Our Story


Families around the world are looking for
better ways to communicate.
Phone conversations are a disaster with young kids. Video chat is better, but still oriented towards
conversation. The problem is simple. Young children
don’t want to chat – they want to play.

Kindoma makes communications tools for families. Kindoma creates video calling and messaging Apps specifically for young children and their loved ones - think Skype for kids with added interactivity, such as reading, drawing, or playing games.

We are a startup, but have been working on creating magical experiences for kids and families for a long time. Our founders met over 7 years ago on a research collaboration between Sesame Street and Nokia. Together, they found that adding a shared activity such as reading drastically improved the quality of video calls between young children and their loved ones. They decided the idea was too good to stay in the lab and formed Kindoma!

Our Team

We are led, backed and advised by leaders who've shaped the communications & children's media industries for over 30 years, including:

Co-Founder and CTO

Over 10 years in research and software development. Previous Nokia Research Center. Stanford Engineering.

Co-Founder and CEO

Over 10 years  in children's media and toys. Previous Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Spin Master. Harvard Ed Tech.


Creative Director

CGD Certified designer with over 18 years experience, specializing in
UX / UI design & brand management.


Stanford professor of Computer Science and co-director of their HCI group. Academic advisor to Google founder Larry Page.

MICHAEL LEVINE       Advisor

Executive director Joan Ganz Cooney Center, an R&D lab based at Sesame Workshop. Advocating for kids for over 30 years.

KRISTA MARKS       Investor

Founded Kerpoof (CEO) - sold to Disney, then founded Woot Math (CEO). TechStars mentor. Background in Engineering.

YEE LEE                    Investor

Reputable Silicon Valley Angel. 4x founder, over 20 angel investments, 8 acquisition exits and an IPO. Prior Skype & Google.